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World Fantasy Convention 2014

I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at World Fantasy Convention 2014. The name of the panel was “Everybody Was There: Diversity in Fantasy.” My esteemed [..]

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Creating Your Own Archetypes

Having trouble coming up with characters, or even plots, for your next book? Try an archetype. What is an archetype, you ask? It’s a pattern or model of [..]

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Remembrances—Classic Science Fiction Books

We all have favorite science fiction books, along with opinions and thoughts associated with them. I’ve listed three of my favorites books or series below. I, Robot—A collection [..]

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Stuck for a Story Idea? Go Old School. As in Old Testament.

Face it. We writers get in a slump sometimes and find it hard to come up with a story idea. And when people ask what we’re working on, [..]

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