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Interview with Matthew Dowling at FCTV’s Going Live

Heidi Ruby Miller, Matt Betts, and I were interviewed in the Going Live studio in Pennsylvania:

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Interview with FCTV’s Going Live at Seton Hill University

I was interviewed by Matthew Dowling at Seton Hill University’s In Your Write Mind workshop:

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The Dark God’s Gift Project

Created from the ancient and twisted imagination of a Dark God comes a construct of immeasurable power! This fell creation is fueled by the darkest desires of those [..]

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Blog Tour!

If you’ve seen the TV mini-series, Epilogue; read Stargate 1: The Drift; or seen “Rascals” on Star Trek: The Next Generation, you’ve seen Diana Dru Botsford’s work. She [..]

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Butler/Banks Blog Tour: Alan Jones

Next up on the blog tour is Alan Jones! Alan D. Jones: Former columnist for the Atlanta Tribune, Alan Jones has worked most of his adult life as [..]

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Butler/Banks Blog Tour: Colby R. Rice

If you aren’t familiar, this tour is where my blog (and 15 other blogs) will be showcasing 15 days of Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror / [..]

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Let Not the Good that SFWA Does Be Interred With its (Proverbial) Bones

For those who haven’t been following the hijinx going on at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) regarding issues of race and sex, here’s a timeline [..]

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Deeper In: Interview with Jarvis Sheffield, Creator of the Black Science Fiction Society

Last month, I featured an interview with the creator of the Black Science Fiction Society (BSFS), Jarvis Sheffield. This month, I caught up with him again to ask [..]

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Interview: Jarvis Sheffield, Founder of the Black Science Fiction Society

I’ve been reading and watching science fiction since I was 3 years old and for a long time, the only character I found who reflected me was Lieutenant [..]

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