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The Molten Form of Poetry by Ron Gavalik

Reading poetry is one of life’s truly intimate joys. Unlike more social entertainment such as films, theater, and sporting events, experiencing poetry is an individual pursuit. When cracking [..]

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A Tangled Web, Part 4

“The People’s Liberation Army?” “That’s the client. Take it or leave it, as you Americans say, although I doubt you’ll find anyone else willing to accede to your [..]

Afrofuturism, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

A Tangled Web, Part 3

Chimes sounded in Thia’s head while purple blinked in her periphery. A cog from Dran. At 4:30 in the morning? She winked, answering the cog. “I’ve got your [..]

Afrofuturism, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

A Tangled Web Part 2

The banquet hall was festooned with colorful paper lanterns and fairy lights. The color red predominated the room, supported by yellows and greens. The head table sat on [..]

Afrofuturism, Cyberpunk

A Tangled Web (Part 1) Featuring Thia Wayan

Thia Wayan stared at the people eating dumplings at eight o’clock in the morning. Yes, she was in China, and when in Rome, yadda yadda. But still… Dumplings? [..]

Afrofuturism, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

The Dark God’s Gift Project

Created from the ancient and twisted imagination of a Dark God comes a construct of immeasurable power! This fell creation is fueled by the darkest desires of those [..]

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