Flash Fiction by Dean Willis—Rule Number One: No Paper

I cohost, with Jim Matthews, a flash fiction-related page on Facebook. We declared a few winners a few months back, and they will be featured on this site. The entry by the second winner, Dean Willis, is below:

Rule Number One: No Paper.

If they see you on the street with a wad of dead tree, they know it’s worth something. Even the illiterate know a big word when they see it. And everyone knows big words are big money. May as well wear it strapped to your chest with a flashing LED bulls-eye. And I hate fighting for pages, somebody tries to snatch it’s all panic and paper cuts.

Different with bits though – some sim squad tries it on, my crack jitsu breaks fingers and skulls AND cooks synapses. Fried brains and broke fingers no good for bits, chips OR paper, ha!

Next best rule: no transportin’ without cryptin’. Got my own ‘cryption. GOOD ‘cryption. Old school borg like me needs to be damn careful what’s left of the meat side of my brain don’t get converted to ones and zeros too. Always a danger some greedy techhead with Korean upgrades gets a sniff of something multisyllabic they might be tempted to hack in and steal themselves a copy ‘n’ paste or two.

Yeh, human flash drive, that’s me. Vocab security. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Can’t have too many fancy words loose among the uneducated masses, people get confused, start articulating themselves all over the place. Verbomania. Big mess, hard to undo.

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