Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

Calandra de’Medici, demon hunter, leads her first banishing, which goes awry:

The stench of excrement hung in the air, filling the narrow alley that ended at the side of a large Victorian house. Graffiti tattooed the brick walls, marking the turf of the Migo Nation. Tendrils of mist curled around the fetid odor, and rats and roaches crawled from their recesses and covered the walls and trash bins that lined the alley. The rodents moved in long, sinuous trails as they marched along, their destination the source of recent troubles.

Calandra de’ Medici and Gina Boveri paused and watched the parade, transfixed for a moment, before Calandra broke the silence.

“It’s here,” she whispered. Static charged the hair on her arms and back of her neck, forcing it on end.

“I’ll call the others,” Gina said.

Cal pulled the lavender-scented bandana up to her nose.

“Tell them to hurry, and download the blueprints to this house.”

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K. Ceres Wright is the author of Cog. Her short stories, articles, and poetry have appeared in Hazard Yet Forward; Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction; Many Genres, One Craft; 2008 Rhysling Anthology; Diner Stories: Off the Menu; and Far Worlds. Contact her on Twitter: @KCeresWright

15 responses to Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

  1. Wow – vivid description leading into the scene. I liked the rodent parade. I also liked the aspect of demon hunting and some of the old school details coupled with the prospect of downloading the house’s blue prints – applying new age technology to an ancient ritual.

  2. Oh, gross. So vividly written, it’s like I could smell and see the environs right along with them. What’s this snippet from? Is it released, is it going to be, is it, is it?? 😀

  3. Eeew… Awesome imagery. My skin is crawling. I’m with T.K.–Is the book out?

  4. The combination of medieval smells (and purpose for an alley) is in viivd contrast to downloading blueprints. But will the blueprints be current?

  5. Laurel C Kriegler

    Eeeew! Excellent descriptions. I’m blocking my nose…and mouth! Yuck!

  6. Lovely descriptions for such a stomach-churning scene. I look forward to seeing how this project develops!

  7. Wonderful description and world-building, Ceres. Very atmospheric!

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