K. Ceres Wright

A Tangled Web Part 2

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Oct 7, 2014

The banquet hall was festooned with colorful paper lanterns and fairy lights. The color red predominated the room, supported by yellows and greens. The head table sat on a dais at the back of the room, fronting a large picture window. Smaller round tables dotted the floor. Thia nodded in approval to the catering manager, who smiled in return.

She called up the time in her display. Guests in China arrived promptly, never fashionably late, and usually in groups. Since she had only invited one group, she expected them to come en masse. She was not disappointed.

Big Brother Jing Wang approached, followed by Little Brother Hsu and forty other gang members, all dressed in suits. Thia bowed slightly, then extended her hand in greeting, as presenting a business card would be a moot point.

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