K. Ceres Wright

SFFS: Snippet from “Cog”

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Nov 8, 2012

Here’s another snippet from “Cog.” Nicholle and Chris are on the run after the company VP has implicated them in the media as embezzlers. They visit Chris’ old friends in Columbia, MD. 


Dried Earth Boulevard, Wind Rider Way, Burnt Mountain Path——names of streets in Columbia. Like disjointed, random sentences in a pakz-induced haze. Nicholle had heard tell Columbia was a premier neighborhood once upon a time, with tree-lined streets and emerald grass. Now it boasted a run-down mall, dilapidated housing, and dirt-filled front yards decorated with rusted cars.

   She and Chris drove through the neighborhoods, passing house after house with peeling paint and broken shutters.
   “Nice place,” she deadpanned.
   “Not everyone’s an heiress,” Chris said.
   She bit down a retort.
   “Left here,” he said.
   She turned on Canyonhead Lane, a cracked asphalt street where trash littered the gutters and cats’ eyes peered from sewers.