K. Ceres Wright

SFR Brigade Snippet

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Mar 8, 2013

This is a snippet from my upcoming book, Cog. Nicholle has just returned from completing a dangerous mission, successfully, and finds comfort in the arms of Chris, the head of her company’s IT department:


She looked up from her feet to Chris’s face. He was kneeling in front of her. His eyebrows pangeaed in concern. “Do you know what that’s like?” she said.

He edged in between her legs, filling the space between her knees. He touched her cheek, caressed her skin with his thumb. Heat rose up her thighs, igniting at the apex.

His hand brushed back her hair and he gently pulled her toward him, cupping her nape with his palm.

“Yeah, I do,” he said. “I’d offer my help, but I don’t think you need it.” He closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to hers. Gentle, barely touching, a breath caught between them. Then a surge of breath, the kiss more insistent, an urgency that caught her up in its passion. She wrapped her arms around his neck and swung her legs around his waist, hooked her ankles. He slid her off the bed, fingers gripping her buttocks. He leaned back and hoisted her up, until her full weight was on him. His hand wended upward, to the crown of her head, each finger’s trail leaving a wake of seething heat.

A chime sounded. The door.

“Damn,” she said. Her breath came heavy and fast against his cheek. “I can’t win for losing.”