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SFR Brigade: 12/13/13

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Dec 13, 2013

The story continues from last week, from the POV of the daughter of the Prime Minister of Glissau. It begins with an advertisement:

“Do your men sneak out at night to back-alley houses of ill repute? When they seem tired and listless the next day, does it make you wonder what they were doing? Well, wonder no more. With the Zacto-Track, you’ll be able to know where they are every metron of every day. Simply upload the tracking program to your central node, and their implants will do the rest. The program is compatible with both Cognition and Nervus systems. Know exactly with Zacto! Call today!”

In the kitchen, footsteps reverberated from the upstairs bedroom. They stopped at the staircase and a voice yelled, “Mani! I told you to cut the sales segments from the day’s songlist!”

“Yes, mi lapa,” Mani replied.

Lirina sat at the kitchen table with her sister, Kallo, and peeked over the manuscript she was reading to stare at Mani. He then muttered something under his breath that Lirina didn’t catch. She smiled. Her mother could be overwhelming.

“Why does mom keep him around? He obviously disobeys her,” Kallo said.

“Because he makes the best usheff between here and Olaro. Besides, they really like each other. It’s sort of a game between them,” Lirina said.

“Hm. When I grow up, all my men will obey my every command.”

“You have a lot to learn about life. And love,” Lirina said.

She arose and made her way out back to the cooking area, the men’s usual gathering place. After a day’s work, they would build a fire in the large grated pit and roast a large dinner and the smaller meals for the next day. Generous amounts of lugu fermented from the haca plant would be passed around, even a bit to the young children they cared for.

Because Mani was Eminent Coitioner, Eminent Cuisiner, and the father of Dotar’s two daughters—and her mother disdained childrearing—he was afforded much sway. He used to bring Lirina and Kallo out back with him and the other men, even long past the Age of Separation. Kallo would only stay long enough to eat, then went inside with their mother. But Lirina would stay low and quiet while she listened to the men tell stories by the dying fire. The light danced on each of their faces, playing up the hard lines and the trace of sadness behind their eyes. It was an image that had repeated itself in Lirina’s mind throughout her life.

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Dec 11, 2013
“Dragons do not cry. They control their emotions. That is what all dragons were taught, but I am now the only one alive to remember this lesson.” 
Cover Art by Allie Raines
Now for sale at Amazon

What does it mean to be a human? 

Meet Vincent, a most unusual dragon who has been trying to avoid answering that particular question for thousands of years, ever since his kind banished him and forced him to spend the rest of his life as a human. When a new love arrives unexpectedly, Vincent discovers that the only way to find happiness is to revisit his violent past and to confront his uncertain future. Haunting, heart-felt, and sometimes funny, Vincent discovers that even through tragedy, the things we most often try to avoid are those that make us whole.

What others have said

ONLY HUMAN takes you on a journey through Vincent’s past lives and loves as he navigates his present incarnation and the darkness that follows him throughout the ages.

Heidi Ruby Miller, author of Greenshift

There’s lots to love about ONLY HUMAN: action, mystery, secrets revealed and redemption. Add to that dragons (who doesn’t love dragons?), wicked bad guys and an all-too-human narrator who will win your heart…the strongest element of this book is the love story…This is an epic, timeless story and a small intimate one at the same time. Dip your toe in, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

-Jennifer Barnes, editor at Raw Dog Screaming Press

Purchased and enjoying!!…AND I had a dream I was a flying dragon last night! It was awesome!

-Amazon Reader

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SFR Brigade Presents

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Dec 5, 2013

Here’s a new short story I’m working on for an anthology. Maxzide is a diplomatic representative for the Coalition of Industrialized Planets and is traveling to Glissau to help process their membership application. His assistant, Xio, has been sent ahead and is awaiting Max’s arrival:

“Max, glad you’re here, although you’re cutting it close,” she said.

He sat in his monogrammed chair and put his feet on the desk. “I’ve been doing this so long, I’ve got it down to a science. Where are you?”

“In my villa. I don’t think you’re going to like it much here. It’s a matriarchal society run like a harem…men raising the kids, men cleaning the house, even men strategizing what men to acquire.”

“Acquire?” Max said. “What do you mean, like buy?”

“Not buy per se, but trade, like a dowry,” Xio said.

“As in trading men for animals and bolts of fabric?”

“No! They’re not primitive. Stocks and bonds, sometimes ground transport.”

“Oh, well, that’s so much more civilized. Why the hell would COIP be interested in a backwoods planet like that? Who authorized the prelims?” Max said.

“Anz Tamar. Expedited.”

“Anz?” Max stood up and began pacing his office. “That rat bastard is dirtier than the crust on a banker’s ass. What the hell is he up to?”