K. Ceres Wright

Kissing Scene in Strange Days (Spoilers)

Mace had fallen in love with a cop who had the heart to make sure her kid was okay in a tragedy and, I’m assuming, to check in on them later. He was obsessed with a girl who had ambitions beyond him, and reinforced that obsession with memory playbacks. I viewed Lenny as a rebel soul who never should have become a cop—but maybe he saw that as a way to help others—and got sucked down in the mire he had to face everyday. Only once Mace drew the line at publicizing the disc did he remember he had a moral center—or trusted hers. And the revelation after the fight in Faith’s room sealed the deal and he was able to appreciate the woman who had been there all along. And he pulled her in for a kiss under the falling confetti of a 2000 New Year’s Eve.

Kissing Scene in Hellboy (Spoilers)

After Rasputin convinced Hellboy to open the portal to hell, Hellboy’s horns grew and a crown of fire hovered above his head.  He had come into his power. But Liz lay dead, after Rasputin swallowed her soul. So after laying waste to Rasputin and his minions, Hellboy went to Liz’s side and after whispering to her, she awoke. She said she heard his voice in the dark and asked what he had said. He told her he said, “Hey, you on the other side, let her go, because for her, I’ll cross over, and then you’ll be sorry.” They kiss, and Liz lights up in her mutant power blue flame, but Hellboy is not burned because, well…he’s the Prince of the Underworld.

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